909th Adjutant General Company (Postal)
Bothell, Washington
Hello and welcome to our unit web site. The company leadership is as follows:
  • Company Commander: 1LT Joseph Lubin   
    Company 1SG: 1SG Rhule  

Message from the Company Commander (Personal Command Philosophy):

I'm not the most "PC" company commander around. One of the things I inform my soldiers of, is that they must keep me out of trouble and then themselves (in that order). Second (if and when we mobilize), no cowards in the unit. You are allowed to be scared, but the unit does not need soldiers who are so self centered and fearful that they cannot fulfill their obligation to the unit and perform our mission. Third, no one is permitted to abuse my soldiers (other than myself and the 1SG). I will do my damndest to take care of my soldiers, and in doing so, I am confident that my soldiers will take care of our mission.

When a NCO wants to know what their duties are, I tell them to learn the NCO Creed and the rest will fall in place. For the junior enlisted I recommend learning the Soldier's Creed. I do not believe in promoting a soldier just for the sake of seeing them promoted. I believe that a soldier should be given an opportunity to work in positions in order to have an opportunity to succeed and/or to fail and should attend the appropriate schooling before progressing through the ranks. In other words, as the commander I have the opportunity to award commander's points for those soldiers submitting their promotion packets. If a soldier isn't ready to be promoted I will not jut award points and see poor quality soldiers being promoted and screwing-up our nation's military.

We are AG soldiers, and we make a difference by increasing the morale of our fellow soldiers. My feeling is, if we are not having fun then something must be wrong. I have no problem enjoying a cigar and a pint of beer with my soldiers when off duty. But when it is time to work, we work hard and well together.

Welcome to the 909th.

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